About Us

MeiselWith over 50 years of experience, Meisel is a leader in innovation and custom design for the retail graphics market. Our laser-like focus allows us to develop unique products, services, and solutions to solve the visual graphic challenges of the nation’s leading retailers.

Meisel strives to develop new methods of producing exceptional graphics that are better, faster, and at a lower cost for our clients. Our unique solutions like FrameWorks, FrameWraps and Two-Way Vision set us apart from our competition and keep our customers returning to Meisel for the innovation that we provide.

Meisel is a G7 Master certified printer and uses only digital print technologies. Our world class facility encompasses over 114,000 square feet and houses fifteen state-of-the-art digital printers. Meisel’s advanced IT business system integrates sales, order management and tracking, distribution, and customer inventory to ensure that Meisel remains a cutting-edge retail graphics provider. Meisel currently averages over 10,000 freight transactions per month throughout the United States and beyond.

Our intense focus on customer satisfaction creates a culture where employees strive to meet every deadline and deliver products that exceed customer expectations. At the core of Meisel's success is our ability to handle these details. We thrive on listening to our customer's unique requirements and making their wishes happen. To learn more about Meisel’s innovative ideas, email us at info@meisel.com.