Meisel renews SGP Certified Print Facility Certification

Meisel in Carrollton, Texas is proud to be a SGP Certified Print Facility awarded by the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP). For over 8 years, Meisel has worked diligently to promote green practices in our facility including recycling scrap material, printing on sustainable substrates as well as encouraging employee health and wellness.

The mission of SGP is to encourage and promote participation in the worldwide movement to reduce environmental impact, and increase social responsibility of the print and graphic communications industry through sustainable green printing practices. Only those printers that pass a rigorous standard of overall sustainability are awarded this certification. Clients can request the inclusion of the Meisel SGP Certified Facility logo on their printed products to enhance their green position.

The foundation of Meisel’s green initiative is employee driven by our Green Team which is comprised of representatives from several departments. This group meets several times a year to discuss the progress and direction of our best practices regarding waste prevention, “material best fit” procedure, energy conservation, and product development. Meisel’s Green Team also tracks recycling metrics which totals over 928,000 pounds recycled since inception, supports SGP re-certification efforts, organizes the facility’s employee wellness and appreciation day entitled “Live Happy, Live Healthy, Live Green Day,” and gives input on all future green initiatives.

As part of being an SGP Certified Print Facility, Meisel is responsible for completing a project each year that applies to one of the critical components of the Meisel Sustainability Policy which include: process, product, people and envelope. With several years of certification accomplished, Meisel has a vast array of completed SGP projects which have helped to further promote sustainability in the Carrollton facility. These projects include the introduction of new green substrates into our product line, reduction in energy usage, increase materials recycled and employee wellness.

In recent years, Meisel’s green focus has also received recognition and awards from North Texas Corporate Recycling Association and Laird Plastics. For more information about Meisel’s green initiatives, please contact Jennifer Bird at