Meisel receives SGIA’s Sustainable Business Recognition Award for 2016

SGIA’s Sustainable Business Recognition Award

For the second year in a row, Meisel, a division of RR Donnelley, is a proud recipient of SGIA’s Sustainable Business Recognition Award. This award is in recognition of Meisel's sustainable efforts which we incorporate each day into business practices.

Meisel continues to be a Sustainable Green Certified Printer as part of Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP). As part of this program, Meisel completes a Continuous Improvement Project each year that focuses on one of our four critical components of the Meisel Sustainability Policy: People, Product, Process and Envelope.

In 2016, Meisel took on the endeavor to incorporate three of the four components; People, Process and Envelope into our Continuous Improvement Project. This project involved encouraging employees to drink more water (People) and preventing numerous water bottles from ending up in landfills (Process), by replacing preexisting water fountains installed in our facility with two energy-saving water bottle-filling stations (Envelope).

Since installation of both water bottle-filling stations, Meisel employees have prevented over 29,000 water bottles from ending up in local landfills or worse yet finding their way into our lakes, rivers and oceans. Our employees are making better beverage choices by drinking on average over 2,000 bottles of water each month from the water bottle-filling stations.

Meisel is dedicated to protecting human health, natural resources and the global environment. We will continue to strive for ways to makea positive contribution to help the environment and to lessen our ecological footprint.