Adhesive Fabric

"When I received my first sample of Adhesive Fabric, I mounted it on my office window to see how it would work. Since then, I have moved it almost every day from my window to my metal door to my wall. I still have the original piece and it still sticks!"

Adhesive Fabric is an incredibly forgiving and flexible solution for adhering your graphics to virtually any surface. Made from a woven fabric with a special adhesive that is easily removed from any surface with little or no residue, Adhesive Fabric is reusable and can be applied and removed numerous times while retaining its adhesive characteristics. Best of all, there are no issues with rips or wrinkles and if it folds on itself, simply pull it apart and reapply! 

The adhesive is water-resistant and applications are endless. It can be wrapped around anything from a garbage pail to column or kiosk. Use it as a small die-cut sticker or large mural on painted, wallpapered, textured walls, or even on ceilings. Expensive wood paneling and furniture will not be harmed. Use it inside and outside of an elevator, freezer, or store doors (metal or glass). Advertising decals can be applied to racecars and other expensive finishes.

Learn more about Adhesive Fabric. Call for a sample so that you can start your own experimenting.