Adhesive Vinyl

Available in an array of styles, Meisel’s adhesive vinyl products are a cost-effective way to enhance the décor of your store. Whether you’re seeking a temporary change or a more permanent improvement, adhesive vinyl can heighten retail impact for minimal expense.

Regular – All-purpose adhesive graphic; best for permanent applications.
Low-Tac – Very easy to remove and reposition; ideal for shorter-term use.
3M™ – Features Controltac™ adhesive; warrantied; best when 3M™ is specified.


Up To
Two Sided Thickness Color Eco1 White Inks2 Weight/ SF
Regular 53" N/A 0.013 White VF - 0.0670
Low-Tac 59" N/A 0.011 White VF - 0.0590
3M 53" N/A 0.009 White VF - 0.0657
1. VF = 100% VOC free inks (no solvents); B = biodegradable; R = recyclable; M = made from recycled materials
2. U = can print under colors; O = can print over colors