Two-Way Vision

Meisel's innovative Two-Way Vision process allows different images to be printed on each side of a translucent mesh – all while maintaining the material's translucent effect. The viewer can see each the image on one side and at the same time see through the image into other parts of your store without any hint of the different image that is printed on the reverse side. Use it to welcome customers as they come in and then thank them as they leave. Or promote the Fall fashions on one side and entice them with your Summer Sale on the other side. It's truly an amazing product and a very cost-effective way to create tremendous impact, particularly in retail fashion and department store environments.


Up To
Two Sided Thickness Color Eco1 White Inks2 Weight/ SF
Two-Way Vision 62" Yes 0.014 White VF - 0.0889
1. VF = 100% VOC free inks (no solvents); B = biodegradable; R = recyclable; M = made from recycled materials
2. U = can print under colors; O = can print over colors