Rollouts & Fulfillments

At Meisel, managing our customer's graphic rollouts to hundreds of stores is not a secondary responsibility. Over 50,000 square feet of our 80,000 square foot facility is dedicated to this task.

Getting the right pieces of your graphic program to the right store is not an easy task. It takes lots of planning, organization, trained personnel, and state-of-the-art software. At Meisel, every rollout begins with lots of planning.

We first study the size and type of every graphic – this helps us determine the packaging that we will use. If the graphics can be rolled, we’ll always choose to roll them and put them in a long box or tube because your freight costs are nearly always less with these boxes. If there are one or more rigid pieces that can’t be rolled we put the graphics in a flat box. Whether it’s a flat or rolled box, we’ll study the largest size that will go in each and choose a package that will fit snugly around the graphics so as to prevent movement inside. In most cases we will order a custom sized box just for your graphics. All of this is done to prevent damage to the graphics during shipment.

Another part of our planning is accessing your desired "In-Store" date and preferred shipping method. If your deadline is tight, we'll often choose to use "Zone Shipping" whereby we assemble packages and ship them according to geographic zone. For instance, we can ship the boxes to Portland and Boston first because they might take four days to arrive by UPS Ground. A day or two later, we can ship the packages to Tulsa and New Orleans because they only require one day in transit. Using this technique, we can ship everything at the lowest cost and still meet your most critical deadlines.

The other important planning ingredient is the packout. Before we start the packout, we neatly stack every one of your graphic pieces on a large table. We first count every piece to insure we have the correct quantity of each. Next, using our exclusive "Thumbnails Packing List," one of our packout specialists carefully selects the right quantity of each graphic for each individual store. The "Thumbnail Packing List" is a critical factor in our success because the specialist can make a visual comparison of the desired graphic – most other distribution systems only compare the written words to what should be in the package. Sometimes when you graphics are very similar, the visual thumbnail is absolutely critical to making sure one picks the correct graphic.