Just as its name suggests, Meisel DuraBoard offers extraordinary durability before, during and after installation. Our DuraBoard is extremely resistant to dents and dings and won't bow or warp like inferior imitators. Available in both black and white, it can be digitally die-cut and accommodates printing on both sides for maximum messaging flexibility.

Our DuraBoard is made from fully biodegradable materials.


Up To
Two Sided Thickness Color Eco1 White Inks2 Weight/ SF
2mm Black 47" x 95" Yes 0.079 Black VF U 0.3720
3mm Black 47" x 95" Yes 0.118 Black VF U 0.3430
3mm White 59" x 119" Yes 0.118 White VF - 0.3430
6mm Black 47" x 95" Yes 0.236 Black VF U 0.6860
6mm White 47" x 95" Yes 0.236 White VF - 0.6860
1. VF = 100% VOC free inks (no solvents); B = biodegradable; R = recyclable; M = made from recycled materials
2. U = can print under colors; O = can print over colors