Metallic effects are some of the more creative and unique ways to add impact to your visual merchandising. We can combine a wide range of materials and techniques for a variety of effects. From a faux metal look to a glittering holiday campaign… from rigid materials to fabrics and die-cut to dimensional. 

Metallic Board - This product allows for unique visual effects and is more competitively priced than the other choices; digital die-cutting is available.
Reflections – This reflective material will not shatter like glass and digital die-cutting is also available.

Learn more about Flexible Metallics.


Up To
Two Sided Thickness Color Eco1 White Inks2 Weight/ SF
Metallic Board - 24pt 40" x 50" No 0.024 Silver VF - 0.1010
Reflections - 1/8" 47" x 95" No 0.124 Milky VF U 0.7110
1. VF = 100% VOC free inks (no solvents); B = biodegradable; R = recyclable; M = made from recycled materials
2. U = can print under colors; O = can print over colors