Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP)

Meisel is proud to be an SGP Certified printer. The SGP certification is awarded by the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership to those printers that pass a rigorous standard of overall sustainability.

The mission of the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership is to encourage and promote participation in the worldwide movement to reduce environmental impact, and increase social responsibility of the print and graphic communications industry through sustainable green printing practices.

The SGP Partnership recognizes the following sustainable business practices as guiding principles to ensure continued viability and growth:

  • Employ, wherever and whenever possible, materials derived from renewable resources or with low environmental impact, maximizing recycling and recovery efforts with efficient utilization of renewable energy.
  • Encourage the adoption of changes within the supply chain by strongly recommending the use of raw materials that do not threaten or harm future generations.
  • Educate the customer and ultimate consumer regarding the benefits of a restorative economy.

Printers can be listed as a certified SGP Printer by meeting a set of criteria to establish performance standards. To date, just a handful of digital printers have been certified as meeting the standards. Meisel is proud to have been awarded this certification.