SGP Certified Printer

Meisel is one of very few printers in the United States to be certified as a Sustainable Green Printer by the Sustainable Green Partnership, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting, nurturing, and measuring the sustainable efforts of printers across the US. SGP certification signifies that Meisel's commitment to sustainable practices is strong and deep.

At Meisel, we recycle everything we can – corrugated, coroplast, foam PVC, plastics, aluminum cans, bond paper, and light bulbs. We estimate that we have reduced our impact on the landfills by almost 75% in the past two years.

Additionally, we market a complete line of sustainable products that are either made from recycled materials, are themselves recyclable, or are biodegradable. These products cover our complete product line including fabrics, vinyls, boards, and papers.

We also work hard to make our building envelope as sustainable as possible. We have changed out all lighting inside our plant to be low energy florescent lighting. We have installed pin-weld insulation in the entire ceiling to keep hot and cold air inside our building. We've changed out all HVAC units to add economizers. Economizers sense the outdoor ambient temperature and if the temperature is cool enough, it will let you use that natural air instead of turning on a compressor to generate cooler air.

In short, we are very proud of our SGP designation and have a strong commitment to do even more.