Looking for a solution that can be easily changed out, doesn't cost a bundle, and can go really large? FrameWorks is the answer!


FrameWorks is an aluminum structure that holds a printed piece of fabric securely in place.
The aluminum frame is made from 75% recycled material and is built to your exact size specifications – as small as 20"x20" or as large as an entire wall. The frame is aluminum in color but can be powder coated to nearly any color you need. The frame can then be attached directly to a wall or be placed free-standing using sturdy aluminum feet. You make a one-time purchase of the frame, and then change out the graphics as needed.

The graphic for FrameWorks is printed on fabric and we then sew a silicone beaded edge around the perimeter of the fabric; this beaded edge is inserted into a slot on the frame that holds it securely in place. Assembling the frame and installing the graphic is quick and easy! Your store personnel will have no problems.

When you want to change out the graphic, simply order a new one and ship it to the stores. In a matter of a few minutes, your store personnel can have the old one down and the new one installed. Because the silicone bead liner fits snuggly into the aluminum extrusion, your fabric graphic is pulled taut into the frame. The result is no sags and a very smooth, clean looking graphic.

For your graphic, you can choose any one of four different fabric types - Poplin (our most popular), Poplin Light (lower cost, lighter weight poplin), Poplin Plus 100 (eco-friendly), Canvas, and Silhouette.

Now you can illuminate your graphic with our all new Backlit FrameWorks. The addition of energy efficient, heat-free LED lights to our already versatile FrameWorks structure ensures that your display is a definite attention getter. Remaining consistent with its non-lighted predecessor, the frame/light source assembly and installation could not be easier for store personnel.

To learn more about FrameWorks, contact your Account Manager or e-mail us at