Want something that is always properly installed by your own store personnel? Magnetic solutions are the answer!


Meisel's magnetic solutions encompass several products including magnetic, magnetic receptive, magnetic with adhesive, and magnetic strips. The exciting thing about magnetic is its versatility. Once you choose and install your magnetic solution, your store personnel can change out the graphics in seconds.

Here's a snapshot of the various magnetic options:

Magnetic with adhesive – This material is sold in 24" wide rolls. You remove the adhesive and adhere it directly to the wall as you would with wallpaper, except that you don't need paste. Hang the rolls side-by-side to cover the entire wall. Now that you have an entire wall that is magnetic, you can order our Magnetic Receptive product to adhere to the wall.

Magnetic paint – As an alternative, you can paint your wall with magnetic paint. You can find this paint at nearly any hardware or paint store. Once you use this paint, you can then put a coat on top of your normal wall covering paint. When it's complete, your wall will look just as it did before, but the wall will accept magnetic materials. This is the perfect solution when you don't think you’ll always have a graphic on the wall, or when it may be a different shape and size.

Magnetic material – This is the most popular printed material. It will adhere to metal that exists in your store or to a magnetically painted wall as described above.

Magnetic receptive – This is like magnetic material but instead of adhering to metal, the material itself contains metal and thus adheres to magnetic material. It will adhere to the Magnetic with adhesive described above or to a piece of Magnetic material. Magnetic receptive is a very thin material and can be very effectively layered to achieve some unique results.

Magnetic strips – Sometimes it's not necessary to have a fully magnetic layer, and in that case, magnetic strips can do the job. Magnetic strips can be applied to nearly any other graphic that we produce; this allows those materials to become another part of the magnetic system.

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